Ep 0057 Why the Traditional Retirement Plan Doesn’t Work and How to Rock Retirement with Roger Whitney

Why the Traditional Retirement Plan Doesn’t Work and How to Rock Retirement

Money Learnings: Roger was a latchkey kid growing up. He started working at 12. Roger overspent in his 20’s and learned from his mistake. Roger’s daughter is a natural saver while his son in a natural spender. He had them watch Dave Ramsey videos and had conversations with them as kids.
Take away: Retirement is about more than just a number.
Action step: Plan out what you want your future to look like.

BIO: A little bit about Roger Whitney The Retirement Answer Man;

His life’s work is cracking the code to creating a great life after age 50 . Roger has over 27 years experience walking life with clients into and through retirement.
  • Creator of the Agile Retirement Management Process
  • Author of Rock Retirement: A Simple Guide to Help You Take Back Control and Be More Optimistic About the Future, Morgan James, 2018
  • Host of the award winning podcasts, Retirement Answer Man
What does he care about most? Making the most of the only life he has by taking intentional steps to make it so. Being a great husband, father, and mountain biker.
Highlights from this episode:
  • Roger turned his life around by his early 40’s as he figured out all how to handle all the different areas of life.
  • Too often we spend future dollars (debt) thinking it will all work out, but it sometimes doesn’t.
  • Roger has reinvented himself throughout life and so can you.
  • How multiple coaches and mentors focusing on both life and business helped him to achieve success .
  • Rock Retirement Book – A Simple Guide to Help You Take Control and Be More Optimistic About the Future
  • Why the old ideas on retirement won’t work and how retirement is now about the freedom to live and enjoy life.
  • Traditional retirement plans focus on just the numbers and miss the human side of the equation.
  • Roger has been married to 4 different versions of his wife which is one reason it’s hard to know what you want in the future. We keep changing!
  • People many times are running away from the pain of work.
  • Why should you invest in your health and relationships?
  • SMART Sprints – how to achieve your desires.
  • Intentions vs. Actions, ideas are not worth much – executing is.
  • Profit First book, Pay yourself first. (link below)
  • How to test out a business idea before going all out.
  • Great presentations don’t make great investments.
  • Market predictions going forward? We can’t!
  • How risk tolerance may not be the best way to position yourself. It’s better to find the minimum effective dose of risk that will get you the results you want.
  • There is a lot of art in the science of market performance and human behaviors.
  • And much more, listen in to get all the details.


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