Ep 0047 Stop Being Productive and Do What Matters, Create Your Amazing Life with Teresa McCloy. We also review the 12 Week Year & Enneagram Personality Tool

Stop Being Productive and Do What Matters,

Create Your Amazing Life with Teresa McCloy

Today we focus on time. Figuring out what’s important compared to the the irrelevant noise in our lives.

Teresa grew up as a farm girl who learned that work and money are related. She had to learn to separate her identity from her work and to overcome the expectations of others.

Teresa is a productivity junkie, so we covered the Pareto principle and how 40% of your time creates 96% of the results. That leaves the other 60% of your time to enjoy life. Teresa provides advice on how to figure out the 40% that provides the results and how to delegate to others the things we should not be focusing on.
We cover the 12 week year and how to pick the 1-3 goals to execute on.  Learn how to create a plan in a week that focuses on what is important and the execution steps to achieve the goal over the next 12 weeks.
How do we prevent life from interfering with our goals? Learn not to over commit and create time to have deep focus.
Teresa covers the 5 things we need to stop doing now. Listen in to find out what they are.
We also talk about the Enneagram personality tool and how to best use it, as we chat about my type.
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Teresa’s mission is to help her clients slow down and stop spinning their wheels, wasting their time being busy but never getting anything important done. She helps her clients recognize their own strengths and skills so they can develop a personalized plan to do what matters enabling them to succeed in their lives, personally and professionally.

Teresa having tried it all ? every book, software and app to help her be more productive. she admits it. Teresa was addicted to productivity. She felt if I could just find the right system, She’d be so much more productive. After years on this crazy cycle she finally hit a wall and had to make a change.  Her patterns of destructive behavior were costing her in all areas of her life. She was losing passion for her work, her relationships were falling apart and she never seemed to have any time for my family.

It hit her like a bolt of lightning. she had to choose something different! Her first step to being more productive was to really STOP worrying about getting everything done and figure out why she had these destructive patterns of behavior as a leader.

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