Ep 0040 Touched, Moved and Inspired with Shannon Schindler Redman

Ep 0040 Touched, Moved and Inspired with Shannon Schindler Redman

Shannon Schindler Redman is an International Business Coach. She’s the founder of the premier business program “The Rise of Woman”. Shannon specializes in helping passion-driven women bring their skills to the world and develop thriving businesses with international reach.

Shannon spent 18 years in corporate tax and accounting. She plunged into marketing and social media in October
2012. She successfully launched several community impact projects and a women’s networking organization. April 2014 Shannon reinvented herself in sales and marketing and coaching businesses. Since then she has become a multi-million dollar producer working part time and traveling around the world.

Today Shannon works with new and experienced Sales women, Entrepreneurs, or Network Marketing Professionals through online business coaching.and direct sales. Despite the fact that my clients didn’t have any prior experience, they became rock stars in their own respective businesses, and earned their first millions with
ease. By applying real-life experiences to coaching, Shannon helps transform the lives of passionate women who desire to bring their skills and business to the world, make an impact, follow their purpose, and create free and abundant lives.

I encourage you check out Shannon’s site and her new program. http://www.shannonschindlerredman.com/

Welcome to Richer Soul – Your journey to more a purposeful, intentional, amazing life. Where are you going to go and how are you going to get there? Let’s figure that our together. At the core is the financial well being to be able to do what you want, when you want, how you want. It’s about personal freedom!

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