Ep 0015 Richer Soul – How to Pay for Kids College with Mike Brown from Nitro

How to Pay for Kids College with Mike Brown

Today we are going to talk to Mike Brown from Nitro about how to make college affordable regardless of how much money you have or don’t have. Too often people don’t put enough thought into the cost of college and the eventual payoff from the degree in terms of income. Nitro just launched the promised NitroScore tool, which can be accessed here: https://score.nitrocollege.com.

This new student loan calculator is structured to do all of the legwork for parents and families, allowing them to find the best school that meets their personal financial needs, in a way never available before.

For the first time, students and their families can explore how picking one college or major over another may impact their ability to repay student loans. Backed by real-world college cost data and projected post-graduation salaries, NitroScore allows students and their families to compare schools, financial aid offers, and majors to identify their most affordable option. A big step in confronting the $1.3 trillion of student loan debt we face today.



Mike Brown is managing director for Nitro, a leading resource for student borrowers on all things FAFSA, scholarships, grants, and student loans. Brown is passionate about helping people manage their college payment decisions, having first served as a professor of mathematics at Pennsylvania State University, and with 15 years in development and marketing of education programs. He currently leads a team of professionals working to provide students, families, financial professionals and others with reliable resources on how to best tackle financing a higher education and manage student debt.

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